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Our welcoming and interactive workshops and programmes combine over fifteen years of research to give you our trademark Lifebulb Moments – simple epiphanies that create lasting changes in life and work.

LifeClubs helped me go from teacher to best selling author in 2 years

— Shamash Alidina

Life Clubs helps people lead happier lives – what could be more important?

— Mark Williamson, Action for Happiness

LifeClubs puts people back in control of their lives

— Janine Marsh

The genius of the format is that it can be applied to any preoccupation, wherever you are in your life/work trajectory

— The Daily Telegraph

I walk away from each workshop a little more inspired and feeling like I have a lot more choice in my life

— Alex Rowley

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How we started

Nina Grunfeld, Life Clubs

Most of my life I felt under-confident, not good enough, an outsider.

Through exploring personal development my self-esteem grew, and I saw how I could help others by creating holistic workshops based around coaching and mentoring within a group environment.

In the past fifteen years, alongside running LifeClubs I’ve written four self-development books and had columns in The Daily Telegraph, HR and Psychologies Magazines.

Together with my wonderful team, we now run our unique workshops all round the world.

Nina Grunfeld

"Nina is rather special... a gentle, intuitive presence... who uses humour and self-recognition to confront big topics"
— Evening Standard

Meet the team


Project Manager

I know how managers can affect my work – in both good and bad ways. What I like about our Brilliant manager series is that it makes managers aware of themselves and their team.



What I really find useful about our workshop, Being an entrepreneur within work, is how it helps individuals understand how to work creatively both alone and together.


Business Development Director

In any organisation, relationships are fundamental. I’ve seen how our Communication workshops help with listening, asking the right questions, feeding back and managing conflict.


Business Development

With change as a constant, wellbeing and resilience are vital. Our workshop, Resilience through change, left me feeling more in control and positive about my future.

    Ready to make change happen?

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