Our local clubs offer warm, welcoming communities to help you get more out of life.

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What to expect

Each month you’ll set a meaningful goal and leave with positivity and the practical tools to make your goal a reality.

You’ll be welcomed into a warm, supportive environment and find yourself working in pairs and small groups.

You can join us for one workshop, but you'll find that coming to a series of workshops is not only more affordable, but also more rewarding.

Incredibly useful in helping me be calmer and live a better life

— Di Carmichael

Through LifeClubs I was able to express myself, see things clearly and change my life for the better

— Adam Douglas

One of the most valuable experiences I have had and I continue to apply the tools I learnt to my life

— Mark Thompson

No matter how often I repeat a workshop, I always have new learnings about myself. The interaction with different people in each workshop helps make each one a unique and beneficial experience

— Elizabeth Ambrose

LifeClubs brings magic into our lives by unravelling the stuff tangled up at the back of our heads that stops us flying through life

— Roksana Quraishi

The positive way of thinking LifeClubs taught me has helped me take a step forward in my life where I have been static for so long

— Natasha, student

The workshops are wonderful. They seemed to have changed my life and those around me

— Anjali Floyd

LifeClubs taught me how to balance life, when I was busy trying to juggle a career in TV producing with two small children

— Lowri Glain

Came away feeling more confident and comfortable in my own skin!

— Stephanie Greenland

How it works

We’ve spent over fifteen years researching and perfecting our unique blend of personal development, positive psychology, coaching and cognitive behavioural therapies. It’s no wonder several independent research studies have shown that our formula works in improving positive mental health.

When you join LifeClubs, you become part of our family. We keep you inspired with our newsletter, podcasts and offers.

Whether or not you’re near a club, experience LifeClubs at any time:

Video workshops

Inspiring books

One-to-one coaching

Online clubs

Due to the current situation, face-to-face meetings are sadly closed for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, we will be running our workshops online. You can now join us from anywhere in the world.

Many thanks and we hope you stay well.

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Video workshop series

Each series contains a mini guide and six supportive LifeClubs
pre-recorded webinars for only £60. You can follow the series
at your own pace and watch it over and over again.

Create your best year ever

Do you know what you want for the year ahead? Do you wish you followed through on your goals?

Often as we go through the year we feel lost, aimless, confused. We may feel disgruntled with work or fed up with our relationships or simply that we can’t get our lives together.

At LifeClubs we believe that we all know what would make us happy but sometimes we’ve just forgotten, so we’ve created these six workshops to help you create your best year ever:

  • Understand what makes you unique
  • Reconnect with what you love doing
  • Find your direction for the next two years
  • Create achievable goals
  • Learn how to stop procrastinating
  • Know that anything is possible

Our aim is for you to have a great year – and that year starts now

Keeping cool: how to de-stress

How good are you at looking after yourself? Do you sometimes feel hit by circumstances out of your control?

We can feel stressed and miserable at any time and, although a little stress can motivate you and help you perform, being very stressed isn’t good for you.

At LifeClubs we believe in stress prevention and have created these six workshops to help you remain resilient:

  • Find calm
  • Get into a positive mindset
  • Boost your confidence
  • Make relationships work (even) better
  • Find helpful perspectives
  • Understand how to find happiness

Our aim is for you to bounce out of bed every morning looking forward to the day

Prepare for the Summer

Is the Summer your least favourite season? Or does it simply make you aware of how demotivated you are most of the year?

It’s strange how the summer cruelly reflects back to us how awkward we feel about ourselves and our bodies. Having to take layers off reminds us what’s underneath and all the resulting issues we have with that.

At LifeClubs we believe in preparing for Summer everyday – moving our bodies, eating healthily and feeling good about every aspect of ourselves. We’ve created these six workshops to help you love yourself. Yes, all of you:

  • Understanding what motivates you
  • Remembering what exercise you love
  • Realising that most of what we do is a learnt habit
  • Understanding your assumptions
  • Creating a winning self-image
  • Learning how to solve your problems logically

Our aim is for you to enjoy every aspect of yourself all the time. Even at the beach.

Best Year Ever helped me to understand how and why I see the world in my own unique way. Incredibly eye-opening and useful. They are brilliant

— Emma Hackett

I re-read my folder and was amazed at how much I have achieved. Life is good! I just wanted to say a big thank you

— Louise Sayani

I found the Baby to Boardroom extremely useful to get me back into the right mind-set for the office and helping me focus on my new priorities as a mum. I’ve been able to achieve the right work life balance to suit me and my family

— Charlotte Rickard

Prepare for the Summer was LifeClubs in my living room. Six inspiring sessions with Nina there every step of the way with incisive questions and practical exercises, plus lots of great tips and tools. Unique, imaginative and best of all, they work

— Jan Brown

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