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Menopause Workshop

There is no typical menopause, only as many menopauses as there are women.
Iris Murdoch   

When you think of the menopause do you think of hot sweats, night flushes, tiredness, lack of libido, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, dry skin...? Or do you think of new beginnings, reconnecting to the things that are important to you and springing into the next chapter of your life with purpose and excitement?

Every menopause is different and every menopause is an opportunity. Our Menopause Workshop breaks through the taboo of silence around the menopause and provides a space for you to explore your menopause and use it as a springboard to the next chapter in your life.


Whether it's your symptoms that create a sense of insanity, or the timing of the menopause, when children are growing up, careers are changing and parents are dying. Either way it can create a sense of disconnect, - Who am I? Where have I gone? Through reconnecting to what’s important to you, this workshop will help you to recognize yourself again and work out what you want more of in your life. You will deepen this re-connection by exploring different ways to build your confidence so that you leave walking tall and with a spring in your step. We’ll also explore what's next in your journey, what will the menopause enable for you, what potential will it release?

Wherever you are in your menopause journey, come and join our 10th March day workshop in London and enjoy finding renewed identity and purpose.