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Knowing What You Want

  • Are your goals always changing and impossible to reach?
  • Do you wish you could know how the next few years will turn out?

According to research carried out at the University of Rochester, reasoning isn't always the best way to find answers. Instead, Alex Pouget, professor of brain and cognitive sciences, found that we can often make better decisions if we use the unconscious brain.

How can you find your ideal life if you keep losing sight of what that looks like? You need to understand and align yourself with what you deeply want, not just what you 'think' you want.



Our Knowing What You Want workshop shows you how to tap into both the wealth that is your unconscious mind, and the power that is your intuition. You'll be guided to use these two tools to create a vision of what you truly want in life. Taking the new goals this clarifies for you, you'll then be taught the most effective way of actually reaching the targets you've chosen. 

The result – You'll walk away with a visual map of just what your ideal future looks like, total clarity on the goals that are truly important for you, and a plan to make it all happen.

Knowing What You Want will be run in June in locations around the UK