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Full Steam Ahead

If you're an entrepreneur or a freelancer, you know that it takes a different type of energy to keep on track.

This energy can sometimes wane over time and leave you feeling isolated and lacking in direction. 

This workshop has been developed to give you the space, time and company of like-minded individuals that you need to bolster your boldness, perspective and vision.

In small groups you'll hone your path using our tried and tested workshops. We want to take you forward - enable you to find or rediscover your perspective, set focused goals and recognise what gives you the resilience.

Workshops include:

Life Circles - in which you focus on where you want you and your business to be in two years time

Wham! - in which you take your two-year goal and see how you can achieve it in the easiest and most successful way

Choosing Your Perspective - introducing you to a perspective that will keep you inspired for the two years and beyond

Bounce Back - Sometimes things happen that we can't control. The learnings from this workshop will keep you resilient

To buy your ticket for this amazing full-day workshop on Saturday 28th April in Westminster, click here.