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Eliminating Problems

  • Do you see the glass as always half-empty?
  • Do you wish you had more confidence to solve challenges?

Can we think ourselves into problems? If a study of almost 30,000 Chinese Americans and astrology carried out at UC San Diego is anything to go by, we can. It showed that the more strongly a group believed that they were born in an unlucky year, the shorter their lifespan was likely to be.

How can you stop believing in problems and start believing you are invincible? It's time to dig out the negative thoughts that are running your life and see solutions instead of brick walls.





Our Eliminating Problems workshop teaches you how to recognise and turn around your negative assumptions about yourself and the world.

You'll also be introduced to our unique and powerful LIFE model tool which is especially designed to give you quick clarity and ways forward for any challenge you might face. 

The result - You'll skip out feeling full of confidence, able to handle any problem that comes your way, and ready to be the master of your life.


Eliminating Problems runs in April in locations around the UK.