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Discovering What Makes You, You

An exciting half-day workshop which will help you find who you are rather than who you thought you were so you can live the life you want.

Our families are key influences on us - not only directly, but also what we observe about them and what we hear about them and from them. Their views on life influence us, not only whilst we're growing up, but also as adults.

If we believe that no-one in our family has a stable relationship or is good with money, that can have a negative influence on the

way we conduct our lives and what we expect to happen.

The result? You'll leave having found exciting influences within your family or chosen family that will excite and spur you on to new thoughts and actions. You'll be able to find your direction in ways you never thought possible.

Leatherhead - 1st March
Cambridge - 11th March            
Kensal Green
- 11th March    
Frome - 18th March   
Harrow -18th March  
Luxembourg - 25th March                 
Westminster - 25th March
Kingston - 26th March