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Building Better Habits

  • Are you wasting time on things you don't even enjoy?
  • Do you feel like life is passing you by?

When given a choice, participants in a study at the University of Southern California chose fresh over stale popcorn. But in the cinema, where their habit was to eat popcorn, they ate the stale version without noticing. This shows how easily our ability to make good choices falters in the face of habits - those times when we don't think.

How can you stop bad habits from taking up your time time and energy and leaving you to always take the 'stale' option? It's time to learn how to recognise the repetitive behaviour you are being sidelined by. 


Our Building Better Habits workshop sees you identifying just what bad habits are running your life, the success they are holding you back from, and what new and better behaviours you can adopt instead that will move your life forwards.

The result - You'll finish with a much clearer mind, and the tools you need to keep making positive changes that leave you feeling good.


Building Better Habits runs in March in locations around the UK.