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Achieving Optimum Balance

This half-day workshop will introduce you to your priorities and help you understand what's taking your time away from them. Taking control of your time will allow you to do more of what you want creating more meaning and purpose in your life.

Often all that's missing to change the balance in our life is inspiration - and a few tools ( we can act on it). We can otherwise find ourselves working too hard or spending too much time on YouTube without realising until the end of the day that we've not achieved what we wanted to.

This workshop will help you to identify what's taking up your time and how to

create more balance in your life. It'll give you a better idea as to how you want to be productive and finish your goals.

The result? You'll leave having understood what you really want to spend your precious minutes on and how to make more time to do that.

Leatherhead - 5th July       
Cambridge - 8th July   
Kensal Green - 8th July 
Frome - 15th July
Harrow -15th July                                 Westminster - 29th July              
- 6th August

Luxembourg - 8th July