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Relaxing Your Life

  • Do you know what is really behind your stress?
  • Is your life a constant and exhausting race against the clock?

A survey by the NHS  found that almost 30% of sick days were due to employees suffering stress, costing the health system up to £400 million per year. Furthermore they linked stress to accidents, low morale, and poor performance.

How can you start relaxing and regain control of your life? It comes down to demystifying what is stressing you and becoming a master of your time.

Our workshop Relaxing Your Life guides you through a method that sees you


narrow in on the true sources of your anxiety. You'll then learn how to prioritise your time so that the things that stress you are dealt with first and foremost, freeing up your focus.

The result? You'll walk out having already let go of some stressors entirely, with good ideas of how to handle the others, and a new way to manage your days that means you no longer build up unnecessary stress.

Relaxing Your Life will be running in July in locations around the UK